The Chaplain’s Corner: June 2006

Chaplain's Corner

The “Battle of Resaca” reenactment week-end turned out to be pretty wet for those that participated, especially Saturday night when the thunderstorm came thru with heavy winds and rain that toppled a few tents and got several reenactors wet, but this didn’t dampen their fighting spirit and they were ready to meet the “Enemy” on the field the next day.

The “1890 Day’s Festival” was one of the hottest in temperature that I remember. It was 90+ degrees in temperature that day, but no one fell out during the parade. There were many spectators along the parade route and we were cheered more this year as we marched by than in years past. As we participated in the opening ceremonies with the singing of “Dixie” and the National anthem and the firing of the 21 gun salute and of Freddie Parris telling of the participation of the 48th Georgia National Guard in Iraq and of our own Patrick Parris having been there and helped in their mission. Many cheers went up by the crowd in thanking him and the 48th for what they had done.

Prayers: Lewis Leach continues to improve after his motorcycle accident. He was recently removed from ICU at Erlanger hospital and placed in a private room. In checking on his condition this A.M., I found that he has been taken to a taken to a health care facility that is close to Memorial hospital. I’m sorry that I don’t have that information (as of this writing.) Check with the Camp. Wedge Morrison’s granddaughter, Rachel Phillips, has a very serious illness. Fred Stafford continues to improve from his motorcycle accident. Ronnie Watts requests prayer for his Dad who has health problems.

Let us remember all of these in our thoughts and prayers. I believe that prayer is an answer for many of the hardships we as mortals face.

Psalms 41:3 “The Lord sustains him on his sickbed: in his illness thou healest all his infirmities.”

James Fletcher, Chaplain,
SCV Camp #707
Ph. 256-657-5998