The Chaplain’s Corner: April 2006

It was good to see the many members of the camp who turned out to participate in the “Siege of Bridgeport”. Both days were cold, but there was a good turnout by our reenactors and by the spectators. The cool weather was appreciated in the afternoon when the “Battle” was going on. This month we will observe “Confederate Memorial Day”. Our camp plans to observe this day on April 27th at the Veteran’s park at Trenton and on April 30th at the Georgia Monument at the Chickamauga Battlefield. I have done some research to see how the first Georgia Confederate Memorial Day got started and this is what I found. In 1874, the Georgia General Assembly approved legislation adding as a new public Holiday – The 26th day of April in each year – commonly known as Memorial Day”. April 26th marks the anniversary of the end of “The War Between the States” in Georgia, for it was on this day in 1865 that Confederate General Joseph E. Johnston’s surrender to General William Sherman in North Carolina became official. Johnston had been in charge of Georgia’s defense, so this day marked the end of the War for Georgia. Exactly when Georgians began commemorating April 26th as Memorial Day is unclear, but the language of the 1874 act recognizes that April 26th was already being celebrated as an unofficial holiday. The day of observance may trace to the women of Columbus, Georgia who on April 23rd 1866,organized a memorial association and began a campaign to have a special day for “Paying honor to those who died defending the life, honor and happiness of the Southern women.” Three days later, the Atlanta Ladies Memorial Association was organized and on April 26th 1866, the association held a Confederate Memorial observance at Oakland Cemetery.

Isaiah 49:13 For the Lord comforted his people and will have mercy upon his afflicted.

Sympathy: The officers and members of Camp #707, Sons of confederate Veteran’s join in extending heartfelt sympathy to our fellow compatriot Ted Howell and his family in the passing of Ted’s mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with Ted in this time of grief.

Prayers: Prayers are requested for our past commander, Johnny Sparks, who had a bad motorcycle accident on March 31st. Johnny received a broken arm and ankle in this mishap. He is at home, but is in contact with his doctor for treatment. Fred Stafford also had a motorcycle accident at the end of last year. He was in ICU for a long time and now is in rehab. Let’s continue to remember Fred in our prayer’s. Terry Thomas had some earlier health issues and is doing better now. Ronnie watts requests prayer for his dad who has some health problems. Let us remember all these compatriots in our thoughts and prayers. I believe that prayer is an answer for many of the hardships we as mortals face.