Mechanized Cavalry Report: May 2006

Mechanized Calvary Report

As most of you already know on April 30 Lewis Leach was involved in a bad accident on Missionary Ridge and is in critical condition in Erlanger Hospital. As of May 3, his condition is improving. If anyone can pull out of this, Lewis can. As most of you know he has a tough stubborn streak. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and if possible visit. He and his family need your support at this time and welcome it.

Fred Stafford is coming home next week from convalescing since before Christmas. Way to go Fred! Hurrah!

I would like to thank all who called, came by, or sent letters while I was convalescing from my April Fool’s Day crash. Special thanks to Chuck Shields for keeping my yard work done each week. Thanks Chuck.

State of Dade Mechanized Cavalry has had three bad motorcycle accidents and two minor incidents in the past year. The only way to never have an accident is to keep your bike parked. State of Dade – “WE RIDE!” We need to strive to ride safer and wiser. I know some members still wear novelty helmets – but please get a DOT approved helmet. For helmet information contact Larry Wheeler. Thank you, Larry, for getting me to change to a DOT helmet.

I would like to thank all Mechanized and State of Dade members for attending the memorial at the Georgia Monument. Lewis once said that State of Dade and Mechanized was a part of his family now. Let’s all work and play together as brothers should.

May 20 is a National Mechanized Cavalry meeting in Birmingham, Alabama. Several members intend to attend. Call me for more information. I know this is Resacca weekend, but the advantage of having a large group is that we can do both. Summer is here and its time to hit the road, with heads up, eyes open, and wheels down!

Mechanized Cavalry
Sgt. Johnny Sparks